J a n u a r y   H O A   M e e t i n g

The monthly neighborhood board meeting will be held at 16001 Brenton Court at 6:30 PM, Tuesday, January 2nd.

A N N O U N C E M E N T   B O A R D S

Homeowners can now have personalized Celebration Messages (birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc.) displayed on the new announcement boards at the entrances of the neighborhood for only $5.

Email president@brentonhills.org to have your message displayed or for more information.

N e i g h b o r h o o d   N o t i f i c a t i o n s

General notifications are upgrading to electronic correspondence only.

Please be sure to register an email through the website to keep informed. Written correspondence will be reserved for annual meetings, dues and fines. For those who criticized the numerous emails, we have significantly reduced the number of redundant emails. Please register to stay informed. www.brentonhills.org

H o l i d a y   H o u s e   D e c o r a t i n g
C o n t e s t
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Join in the holiday spirit by decorating your house and/or yard to take part in Brenton Hills' Third Annual Holiday House Decorating Contest. The prizes for first, second, and third place are as follows:

1st - $150 off your 2018 Homeowner dues
2nd - $100 off your 2018 Homeowner dues
3rd - $50 off your 2018 Homeowner dues

The contest is limited to what can be seen from the street side of the house at night. The winners will be identified by a holiday balloon on their mailbox and announced on our Facebook and Neighbor email by December 20th. Winners are not eligible to win again for one year. All current HOA Board members are ineligible to win a prize in this contest. The Board will vote to determine the winners.

Thanks for helping keep Brenton Hills beautiful! Happy decorating!

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